The beginning

In the near past, the merger of two families – from the wine towns of Suhindol and Byala Cherkva – laid down the foundations of our family craft. With join efforts, our first vineyard became a reality. Since then, we have gathered invaluable and necessary experience in grapes growing

Our motivation

Good wines require more than good soil and healthy vines, they requires hard work and passion, this is how our family makes dreams a reality. We put in not only physical labor, but also a bit of ourselves in our work and we believe that in our wines you will feel precisely the love, passion and energy with which we produce them.

The result

In 2012, we established our name as wine manufacturers. The creation of Ruevit Estate Wine Cellar was a dream come true for us, a result of long-term work and persistence in the field of viticulture and winemaking.

Ruevit Estate


лозов масив 2000 г.

Purchasing and growing a vineyard in the area of Byala Cherkva

Planting the vineyard was done in two stages. The first plantations were made in 2000. The vineyard is located in the locality of Kokardja near the town of Byala Cherkva, which is famous for its traditions in grape production for many years.


Лозя Руевит

New vineyard

The vineyard covers an area of 100 hectares. The main types of grapes that are grown are French red varieties Cabernet branch 169 and branch 685, Merlot clone 367, and the white variety Chardonnay branch 96.


фирмен магазин яворов

Wine Shop

The shop has a professional draft wine installation and a wide choice of boutique wines from Bulgaria as well as from all over the world.


Руевит естейт подпис

Establishing of Ruevit Estate Wine Cellar

Ruevit Estate wine cellar was established and licensed in 2012. Together with the successful registration, the first series of wines ``Bulwine``, which are characterized by high quality and specific design, were also put on sale.



First participation in Vinaria - an international exhibition for vine growing and wine production

International Fair Plovdiv is a leader amongst the business forums in Bulgaria and in Southeastern Europe for grape-growing and wine production. The forum presents the collections of the wine cellars in an attractive way as well as shows new technologies and equipment for grapes growing and processing, packaging and storage of the products. Ruevit Estate Wine Cellar is a regular participant (2015,2016,2017) in Vinaria Plovdiv.


магазин габровски

Opening of a second company shop in Veliko Tarnovo

The shop has a professional installation for draft wine and a wide selection of boutique wines from Ruevit Estates wine cellar. A new series of boutique wines ``White Church`` was launched in the same year.



Presentation of the new limited series Rubin 2013

The Limited edition Rubin 2013 is a compliment to you - connoisseurs of rare and high quality wines. This wine is a product of precisely selected grapes and a careful tracking of vinification and aging stages in French oak barrels. Enjoy a deep dark red color, a dense body and strong, tight tannins that melt in the aging process, balancing the taste of the wine.


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